Punching and flanging machine
1、 DXG-20/38/80型数控冲孔翻边机是专为笛形管加工设计设备,可加工直径在Φ80、壁厚3.0mm内的铜管、铝管及钢管,本机夹紧、升降等机构采用液压式控制,工件定位(X、Y坐标)由伺服驱动。
2、 整机控制采用微电脑控制,通过触摸屏界面进行参数设定及操作切换,操作简单方便、并可存储100个以上产品的加工参数。
3、 该机具有良好 的稳定性、重复性好、效率高的特点,通过更换模具可加工Φ8~Φ35mm的孔
1. DXG-20/38/80 CNC punching and flanging machine is the equipment specially designed for the processing of flute-form tubes. The machine can be used to process copper, aluminum and steel tubes with diameter of less than 80mm and wall thickness of less than 3.0mm. The clamping and lifting mechanisms of the machine adopt hydraulic control. Workpiece positioning (X, Y coordinates) is driven by a servo.
2. The machine is controlled by microcomputer and can be easily operated for parameter setting and switching through touch screen. It can store processing parameters of more than 100 products.
3. The machine is characterized by high stability, repeatability and efficiency. It can be used to process holes of Φ8 ~ Φ35mm by changing dies.